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With great pleasure and honor, Allied Academies extends you a warm welcome to attend the International Conference on Structural Biology and Proteomics 2018 which will be held on September 3-4, 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand.

    Structural Biology 2018  lays excellent platform for Biophysists, Biochemists, Molecular Biologists, Nanotechnologists, Genetics, Proteomics, Researchers, Scientists, Academics etc. within the field of Structural Biology. Structural Biology is a combination of various subjects with which we deal day to day life.

It’s regarding or understanding the macromolecules that are complex in structures and sometimes minutes to handle. Thus, the study of Structural Biology helps to deal with the macromolecules and its structures.

 So, we invite all the Doctors, Scientists, Professors and Researchers in the field of Biophysics, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Proteomics, Nanotechnologists, Genetics and its related areas people who believe in identification of macromolecules and its structures that can be used in medication of many diseases.

Target Audience:-

  •  Director
  •  HOD
  •  Business Delegates
  •  Doctors
  •  Professor
  •  Researchers
  •  Chiefs/Managers and Business Delegates
  •  Founders
  •  Director of Laboratories
  •  Universities
  •  Industries
  •  Investigators
  •  Post-Doctoral Fellows
  •  Research and Diagnostic Laboratories
  •  Clinical Fellows
  •  Research Scholars
  •  Students
  •  Technology Experts
  •  Biomedical Research organizations

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